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Voltec Servo Motor Stabilizer - 3KVA

Voltec Servo Motor Stabilizer - 3KVA

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High Accuracy Full-automatic Servo Motor Control Stabilizer
Principle & Characteristics

It adopts a linear integrated circuit to form the control system drive the contact voltage regulator to regulate automatically by controlling the servo motor. It is provided with delay, over-voltage, under-voltage and over-current protection functions which ensure that the voltage stabilizer can supply safely

Scope of Application

It is available in the electric equipment and facilities in housing, factory, school, shop office, precision instrument for scientific experiment. And also is suitable for office equipment, test instrument, communication system, industrial equipment, domestic electric appliance and so on.

Main Advantages
  • Excellent output voltage waveform, stable regulating process, no lost electricity phenomenon.
  • High accuracy of output voltage, generally it is fixed in 220±3% when leaves the factory, wide input voltage range, strong load adaptability with satisfiable load property.
  • It has under-voltage, over-voltage and over0current protection functions; It can cut off the power supply automatically to ensure the safety of the consumer when the output voltage is over-high or the input is over-current.
  • It adopts high breaking capacity mini circuit breaker to provide the overcurrent protection function when it is over-loaded or experiences short-circuit.
  • It uses high property carbon brush which prolongs the service life of the voltage stabilizer.
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